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The first name in positive engagement

Karen O’Hanlon is Managing Director for First Names Group in Singapore.

Leading the Singapore office, Karen sets all the local policies, procedures and corporate governance and is a regional expert in business development. Above all, Karen loves meeting new people. Her charming disposition, confident manner and positive outlook make her an ideal ambassador in helping to shape the future of the Hong Kong and Singapore offices. Needless to say, she has found a place in her heart for Asia and a real passion for its people.

Do what you love. Love what you do.

For Karen, every day is about discovery and the trust industry is her springboard. Born in Jersey, the fiduciary service business is woven into her DNA as much as her work ethic, which she inherited from her father. Managing to juggle school commitments with two part-time jobs by the time she turned 13, Karen has added nearly 30 years’ invaluable experience in top trust companies to her hard working record. She is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and has spent a lifetime sharpening her people skills. Her organisational competence has proved essential in the management of her global business projects.

Karen’s drive to develop her expertise was what brought her to Singapore. She recognises the Group’s ambition to create something special – a flexible environment that encourages entrepreneurial expression, underpinned by the principles of trust and integrity. It’s the people who make up the business, and Karen has huge respect for them all, especially Declan Kenny who she describes as incredibly supportive. Like Declan, James Russell provides driven purposeful direction.


Christopher Columbus once said, “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”. Audacious, adaptable and persistent, Karen has and will continue to traverse the seas. Her passion for travel is only usurped by her love for her family. Her young children’s wellbeing is a predominant theme and Karen has living abroad as a full-time working mum down to a tee. She knows that every weekend spent discovering new Asian cities will open their eyes and hearts to the world and give them great perspective on life.